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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Gokuraku Ramen

Dear frens, fans and fats, long time no post... well thats wat happen when u get into working life... = no life.

Anywaysss... im here today to Intro u guys to a japanese ramen shop, which made me addicted to it!

The shop name is Gokuraku Ramen located in Mid Valley 2nd Floor North Court.

lets take a look at some of the noodles i stole from thier FB page.. lol. Don sue me k? free Ads ler

Introducing Ultimate Tonkotsu Ramen!
Soup Base = Pork Bone boiled Soup
Served with 3 pieces of Japanese Cha Siew, Eggs, Bamboo Stick.
Price: 20.90

Personally i dint really like it, i find it just edible? maybe 6/10?
Worth it or not? 20.90 for a bowl of noodle? Honestly its a big no... but don worry! it comes with a Set lunch which free u Gyoza, Dessert or Drinks so that will make it pretty reasonable?

lets move on k?

This sld be wat u guys waiting forrr... the Ramen that is named after the shop... Obvious is the "chiu pai" Ramen lor!!! Gokuraku Ramen!
Soup Base: mixture of pork, chicken and fish!
Served with a Piece of Char Siew and Bamboo stick.

Honestly.. i will say if u wan me to pay 19.90 for a bowl of noodle + a piece of meat.. i will screw u upside down.. bcuz hell! not worth it!

but i ate it during the 50% promotion sooo yeahhh pretty much worth it but again u don have to worry because they have this set lunch which i mention above, to make it pretty reasonable again. and it tatse freaking awesome.. definitely a 9/10.

but sadly, its only weekdays 10-5pm... Working hours ler? how u wan me eat? =.=

and last thing to add! i cant steal the pic, this dessert called Anin Tofu

basically is almond tofu, but it tatse freaking amazing!!!! 9.5/10? yeah mannnnnn gimme a hell yeah!!!

unfortunately the service a little... not bad.. i wont say its bad.. i would say LOUSY. I went 3 times.. 3 times and they got muh order wrong TWICE.

1st time i went they gave wrong order, fortunately muh fren worked there for 2 days, so she can differentiate the right and wrong ramens, to make sure we get the right one.. sooo yeahh safe.

2nd time i went, they get the orders spot on. sooo no complains...

3rd time.. the MOST EPIC EVERRRRR. i order Gokuraku Ramen, and muh fren ordered Ultimate T Ramen. they brought 2 Ultimate Ramen with NO EGGS and claimed it is Gokuraku. I went there twice, and i remember the color of the soup for Gokuraku was darker, and most importantly the noodle was THICKER!

so i asked the restaurant manager... boss, u sure this is Gokuraku? and why muh fren's Ultimate no eggs? He answered "im not sure, i will check for u" brings muh fren ramen away to add the eggs. ok fine muh fren's ramen settled. But HALO? u work here how long? muh fren worked for 2 days she can differentiate adi ler? i ate TWICE, i can roughly guess it is wrong. u sure u work there ar?

So i asked the service manager instead. Boss, u very sure this is Gokuraku ramen? Then he say " i THINK it is not" So he bring da bowl of ramen into the kitchen to confirm. Finally!! someone that can be saved. BUT BUT BUT when he bring the ramen out... he said "the chef confirmed, this is Gokuraku Ramen" WTF*%$#(%^&^$*%^$*#%^*%&$, plz fire that chef and hire me? thanks. So i argued and say i quite confirm it is not.. he then ask me tatse the soup of muh fren, and then muh own.. and it tatse the SAME.. so confirm I WAS CORRECT. Then he finally brought a new bowl of Gokuraku Ramen, which obviously the color is SOOOO DIFFF and the Noodle is SOOO MUCH THICKER.... plzzzz. u work there 3 weeks ++ and i ate there 3 times k? big diff.

Anyways, DO go and try it out if u have da chance... will be worth it, unless they gave u the wrong order? LOL but u wont noe anyways. lol bubbyez enjoyyyy

Monday, January 31, 2011

Gardenia~~ so good that u can eat it on it's own?

Well it's been a long time..... so busy man... life been like... no life? yeap.. exactly the correct phrase to name it.

Niwayss today i'm gonna talk about Gardenia! well not really Gardenia.. but.... nvm.. just read on..

Soooo yeaa.. last Saturday, i joined muh frens, hu was from Rotaract Pudu, hu organised a trip, a trip to Gardenia Factory, to c how ppl make bread... Soo when we're in, were greeted by this lady from Gardenia.. whom i forget the name, so we shall call her "the-lady-whom-i-forget-the-name".

So following the standard procedure, the-lady-whom-i-forget-the-name, brought us in the building, into the room, and show us a video about how they make bread, the history of bread, and bla bla bla, u noe the story... it was ok though, i would not say it was boring, i did learn quite some stuff,

then of course, she brought us into the factory lor, the interesting part comes from here. The end of the video clearly state, PLZ DO NOT CROSS THE YELLOW LINE. Before we go in da place also the-lady-whom-i-forget-the-name, clearly state that, PLZ DO NOT CROSS THE YELLOW LINE or else digi's yellowman's gonna eat u up!

not picture of Gardenia

So when we masuk da place.. IMMEDIATELY and IMMEDIATELY, most ppl went blind... fuck it. where got yellow line... this factory is so awesome, that i must eat more bread. Yeap, u guessed it rite.. most of them crossed the yellow line. Well i wont say its harmful to cross the yellow line, and YES rules are meant to be broken, but this rule so hard to follow mer? @.@ ok sorry... its really hard... i tried so hard that i sweat until muh pants are wet, to keep muhself away from the yellow line....

owh nono, the interesting part is yet to come, when we enter back the room and ask questions. Two human stole the show, i dono thier name, and i don think i nid to noe their name so we shall just call them "Mr-hu-wants-to-open-a-bread-shop & Ms-who-loves-addictive-chemicals"

So yeaa, Mr-hu-wants-to-open-a-bread-shop went on to ask a question which he nid to noe to open a bread shop... "Wats ur profit margin?" of course the-lady-whom-i-forget-the-name, avoid answering his question, bcuz its kinda like corporate stuff? and if u wanna find out, find urself? she clearly said NO, he went on and ask "errrr, can gimme rough estimation?"

WTF~ i tell u rough estimation might as well tell u the answer rite? say i open a burger shop and muh profit margin is 87.65675685665%, so i tell u rough estimation 87%? gosh... dumb.

then Ms-who-loves-addictive-chemicals, went on to steal the show by asking, "do u put addictive in ur breads?" okayyy, so we put cocaine in the bread, so u will fucking get addicted and eat bread like how u drink coke? okok, maybe the question is good to noe, i'm just thinking too much rite? the answer is NO btw. she clearly said NO. okok sorry sorry, move on

Mr-hu-wants-to-open-a-bread-shop just would not let her steal the show, so he went on and ask something like "is there any secret recipe to ur bread?"

.......... really? u gonna tell me? Thank you!!!!!

well the winner obviously goes to Ms-who-loves-addictive-chemicals who finish him with "do u put animal containment in ur bread?"

Animal containment?!?!?! WAT THE FUCK IS ANIMAL CONTAINMENT? u mean like, i put pork in the bread, so it taste like meat, so its nicer to eat, so i will eat more?

obviously the-lady-whom-i-forget-the-name also did not understand her, and ask, "wat do u mean by animal containment"

Ms-who-loves-addictive-chemicals went on to say "well stuff like chemicals? addictive?"


niways yeaaa.. i greatly suspect that she is VERY VERY addicted to Gardenia breads, that she have to consume 1 every minute, that no1 understand why, and therefore, she is finding the reason why.

Yeap, i got it, sorry muh fault.

niways , Garnedia gave me FREE BREADS! i shall go consume now, bubbyez!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

What Autotune can do?

Well i made a post about this before, and seem to have NO effect, so ritee, today i have something interesting to show u, u might have seen this vid in da internet because its pretty damn famous, but in Malaysia they din share in FB yet, so i assume, not much ppl watched this.

Soooo, why can Autotune made someone hu Cannot sing

into someone that can sing

WAITTT.. can Kanye even sing in the 1st place? we will find out :)

So this vid is about this fellow's hse kena break in, and the fellow wanted to rape his sister, so he gave this comment to the rapist... but 3 MILLION VIEWS? DA FUCK? wat he did to deserve this popularity? Goshhh told u the world wasnt fair.... haihhhh

owh wait.. i found this @.@

OMG!!! Autotune man!!!!! it turned someone that is TALKING Into SINGING!!! !@##%%^$^%$&

Goshhh generation nowadays is really losing sight of Talent =.=

Sooo if muh post can do any help? PPL STOP SUPPORTING SINGERS HU AUTOTUNE TOOO OFTEN... i mean if they can sing live, then OK LA, some even use the mikes with autotune lerrrr

LEI SEUNG DIM???? it means WAT U WAN?

Plz noe how to differentiate TALENT



Eh where is the hair?

Very big difference k???? not enuf example? ok agaain

TALENT!! plus a little weirdness



I mean come on.... if u guys seriously still can't difftiate talent and NON-talents.... i'm sorry if this is too harsh, U DESERVE TO D.I.E.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

DiGi iPhone 4 Life

Last Task for Digi Iphone!!! and guess wat? WAT?!?! i nid to take pic?

ok muh hopes for this phone is GONE... muh face where can show ppl? goshhhh

haihhh no choice la.. try la without muh face!!!

Please Apple! i nid Iphone 4 la... got 4 biji apple i very hungry!!!

Luckily i got Digi Shirt to wear! or else cham lor! no shirt wear! Thanks Digi!! ahhaha

Yellow + Green = DiGi is going Green!

Forgive me for the noob photoshopping!

Special Thanks to Sean Lon for editting the apple in!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

DiGi iPhone 4 Real

DiGi iPhone for Real???? Seriousllllly???? Yes Seriously.... it came, and no longer all Iphone users will be SixAM users... no moreeeee

And why do i like digi plan better? i bet most ppl will look at this point... Damnnn it.. Its Cheaper!!! Hu does not wan cheaper stuff? Comparing the Lowest plan.... Digi is only @ RM58 while SixAM is @ RM100! with only 133 extra minute calls... let me do the calculation for u... RM42/133 minutes

Dats aproximately 32 Cents perminute... u wanto pay DAT MUCH???? no way mannnn

Its like being Robbed! without the gun of course.

2nd reason will be.. Heyyyy its Digi man... its like the most happening Telco in Msia. Yellow and Yellow man is their trademark weii.. whenever u see Yellow u See Digi, u see Banana u c Digi... SixAM??? i don even noe thier color is Red Green Or White... tell me plz? Wat about the last telco? Blue? ok at least i got the color... but its not as happening as Digi with the Yellow man!!!! Woohooo Digi Owns!

and the last and final reason will be, when u choose digi, a yellow man will be assigned to protect u and ur line!!! how great is that... following u everywhere!!!

Owh please forgive him though when he lost track of u, its either u run too fast or he is just too slow.... He is fat remember? ahhaahahha

Saturday, September 25, 2010

DiGi iPhone 4 Play

Which app i will like? u asking me which app?

Of course it will be the apps for the instruments lorrrrrrr

That time i don nid to find committed band members adi lorrrr, the whole band consist of fully committed member! I, the band creator, My "Drums" from iphone, Me, the Guitarist, and the whole band is Mine!!!!!!


This vid belongs to apple girl and not me

This is how muh band will look like..... errr without that pretty Apple Girl of course... :(

Niways wanna take a look at muh drums and guitars?

Awesome aint it? hahaha

Now not only i can eliminate all muh boring waiting time, as i have an iphone with games.. i also can use instruments to eliminate those boring times too!!!

owh yeaa also annoy those ppl hu make me wait... keep on playing musics, u don like, i play more! muahahahah

Wait that means now.... i nid more than 1 iphone!!! omg plzz. Digi and nuffnang u need to gimme at least ONE!

One each will do fine :)

Friday, September 24, 2010

DiGi iPhone 4 Me

Why i want and DiGi iPhone 4? whyyyy??? u still need to ask whyyy?

This Vid belongs to Tinywatchproduction and not me

Watch the video... that monyet... owh i mean bear.... "So blinded by the iphone4 that he don even care bout the fact that the HTC is sooo much better"

thats one reason why one would want an Iphone4, BCUZ it is an iphone4!

u still need more reasons to get an iPhone4? yes????

come on it's free.... HU DOES NOT WANT FREE THINGs!!!

and niways its a good way for a non 1990's generation human to get out of the old style fon, when ever muh fren pass me something technological (Iphone/HTC/BB) i will look at the fon and "stun". How the hell do i use this fon?

so with an iphone in muh possession? this problem can be solved!

Heyyyy it also settles problems like going back to muh old village or waiting time.. i can PLAY GAMES and SAVE more time of muh life

eh wait.. if playing game saving time? loool better than just wait or rot there though :)

too add to all these points~ the fon will be provided by non other than the YELLOW DIGI!!!! hey! i'm a digi user k? hi5! hahaha

So digi and nuffnang plz gimme da fon and make muh face like this!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Digi is Going Green~

Woooohoooo the Yellow company is now GREEN!!!!

Sorry i din blog so long and today i will talk about green bcuz i NOE, a lot of ppl is IGNORING IT, despite the fact u freaking complaining, Its hot! its hot! and u're not doing anything to make it WARM but making it Hotter. Good Job

but then!! b4 i talk bout dat, i gonna talk bout Digi 1st!!! wooohooo i love companies that do green stuff... So Digi is colabrating with nuffnang to do this green event thingy, where top 30 contestant gets something.. i forget, cuz i look the the result also vomit.

As i was doing the quiz.. i'm like.. goshhh this is hard...... omg... why??? i tot i'm quite green liau? yess indeed i am quite green, as i get 40/100, which is QUITE green, then they show the leader scoreboard.... Holy Mader shit.... all top 30 got 100. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

DAMNN OBVIOUS LAAA!! u monyets do 2-3 times, or even 4-5 times.. goshh. i believe some of u really can get 100 laaa.. SOMEEEE.... cuz if u all is soo damnn freaking green and enviroment-frendly.... WHY I DON C THE EFFECT????


WHY??!?!??! cuz the more u on, the worse its gonna be.. now now now, u must be cursing me and thinking i'm talking rubbish... if u r that person, its ok, i don nid convince u, u just nid to die for earth to be save cuz someone that is QUITE green will noe why the more u on the aircond, it will only get worse.

Same goes for ur PC.. if u r not f**king using it.. TURN IT OFFF, turning off the monitor only save 40% or less k? u nid to turn off the WHOLE DAMNN THING. but ok la.. at least u turn off the monitor... and yeaa don worry i noe most of u alll don even care... GJ

this is like at least the LEAST thing u can do for the enviroment d... i not pro, ask those pro that get 100 la k?

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Fighting Umbrella Corp 2

Me, Alice and a few more of us, storms into Umbrella Corp on Friday the 13th in the 7th Month of Chinese Calendar at 11.30pm to finish them off once and for all. Their operation has to be stopped before they cause extinction to the human race!

It was a bad date, unexpectedly they have create a crazy virus, what they have been researching for all these years. A weapon stronger than Alice, or even Nemesis. They call it... U-Virus.

This thing is crazy, stronger, faster, better than Alice in any sense. Even Alice can't put up a fight against something like this. One by one all of us is being killed. Alice took no risk, carry me.. and jump off the Umbrella Corp building to the sea.. is our only chance of survival.

One of our other comrade took us of, and escape.. for some reason, the U-virus did not chase.

Through out the years, we have been recruiting people, people to fight with us... to fight against Umbrella. Since most of our best fighters were wipe out by U-Virus earlier.. Our hope was on the research team..

Amazingly, despite their low resources, they did it.. a time travel machine

The only setback of the machine now is.. once traveled through time, we can't come back into the present. But there is no time to waste, Alice to decide to ask the scientists to sent her to the pass, where umbrella was just starting. It's the only chance as U-Virus have been created.

As they start the machine, a big explosion sound came from the outside. U-Virus is here... we were in shocked! We made sure there was no one following us when we came back.... this is bad... it seems that U-Virus even have the ability to be Invisible!

In the chaotic moment, it shake the time machine and cause the machine to transfer both me and Alice to the past.

Upon arriving, i see no Alice and only me alone. Unable to gain balance due to the time travel, i fainted. When awake, i woke up and realize muhself in the hospital. The nurse asked who r u?

I am Claire, Claire Redfield.

With no communication with Alice, it means i might have to do this alone, or maybe i will meet her while tracking down Umbrella at this early stage. Late at night, i sneak out of the hospital, to continue my mission.

1966, The year Umbrella started, before i was born. What i have to do now, was to track down Spencer, Ashford and Marcus. The three fellow who started Umbrella, who research bout the virus.

They should be on their way to look for the kingdom of Ndipaya, where they first retrieve the virus. Without wasting time, the only way to stop these 3, was to kill them before they head for the trip.

I decide to track down Spencer first. When i found the location of his house, i was lucky to find all 3 of them there... discussing about the virus. Just then i hear something behind me, before i can react to it, i was knock unconscious.

It seems like his guard got me, they questioned me, why i was there, and i refuse to answer.. Was sent to jail for few days before i escape. and chase after the 3 who is heading to the kingdom of Ndipaya now.

It wasn't hard to track them down, as their purpose was obvious, only had some hard time encountering some of the tribe people of Ndipaya.

Immediately when i saw Spencer, i waste no time, took out my gun, and shot him, hoping to stop everything. Obviously, his troops got me, and imprison me. Unfortunately, the shot did not kill him, and i was imprison with tight defense for few years until they got back to US.

Everything was too late by now, Umbrella already started. Through out the years i was wondering why Alice did not appear. It seems like she was sent to the wrong timing. It is only now i hear news of her storming to the Umbrella Corp killing people there, and she is in the Umbrella top wanted list.


Hoping to join her, i head for the last Umbrella Building that she haven't destroy. To my luck, she already started infiltrating the building when i arrived. Upon finding Alice, it was too late for us realise, it was all a trap as they already knew Alice's power when infiltrating the other buildings, and knew that she was coming..

It all did not go as planned, we both was capture, and knowing Alice's power was from the virus they are researching, they decided to kill her, and harvest her for future research and to stop her from destroying Umbrella.

This is how it all started. It looks like we can't change the past, everything that was happening before, is happening again. A timeline cannot be changed, sending us back to now is what already happened in our timeline without us realising it.

It was only matter of time that they use me as one of their experiment, and that was how incident in Raccoon City Started.

Thank you all for reading! yes! Nuffnang is giving out tickets again! and i MUST win this! Wish me luck!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Fighting Umbrella Corporation

On Friday the 13th, 7th month of Chinese calender, scary date indeed, to realise i suddenly woke up out of nowhere.

It was in an all dark room, not knowing where i am and why i am here. check muh own belongings, it seems like i am carrying weapons in a weird costume.. what on earth is happening???

Walking around the room, i found a mirror, i decide to take a look as it, as i'm curious why the hell am i dressed like this


OMG... this is Alice... am i in Wonderland??? eh Crap.. Wrong Alice

ME in Alice body means??? i'm gonna face zombies? goshhh this is not working.. i'm only good at shooting zombies in L4D la.. why choose me? =.=

Suddenly i hear footsteps of people walking... being afraid, i pulled out muh gun and saw 2 human-like figure walking in... In fear, i shoot down one of them. The feeling was awesome!! to kill a real zombie and c his blood flying all over. Then suddenly, the other guy shouted "WAT THE HELL R U DOIN?"

GOod Job, 1st few minutes as Alice, i shot a human... the guy walk towards me and say that we nid to stop Umbrella Corp immediately as they are in the final steps of discovering the Ultimate Virus.

Owh yea, he also congratulated me for killing muh partner... Great~

So he assigned me a new partner, and the moment i saw her... i terus STIM (Boner). wait... where's muh cock? damn it! (how does girl's "boner" feels like? :/)

With no opportunity to "poke" her.. i shall just focus on the mission and not kill another partner.

Sneaking into Umbrella Corp is cool. Their Defense is SOOOO tight.. that i don even noe what to do.. L4D no Defense one k? I just masuk and shoot. Goshhh

After hours of thinking.. malaz laaa.. since i got "assets" now might as well i use it rite? so i use Alice's Airport body to seduce the guards in the front door, and asked Claire to kill them, with a silenced 5-7. Coool~

now we're in the Umbrella Building, with NO alarm and No sneaking.. woohooo.

1st thing i head to in da building is their weapon room! was too bored with handgun, dat wan for ALice to use only.. me? i choose THIS!

Weirdly, in the room behind the weapon room, i heard sound of ppl, u noe? "making love", whats more amazing is i only hear male voice.. ewwwww, decided to shoot thru the walls, and the sound stop.. OOPS~

in muh mind i was thinking this

Hope his "shooting" is still accurate after i shot him with muh ak~

so next is to head up to the research level and wipe out the scientists that are researching this crap. i don wan muh world to turn to L4D world weiii... i wan c chicks k?

so me and Claire went up and killed all the scientists without mercy, ermm i mean... without mercy for guys... TOLD U I WAN C CHICKS RITE?

then they finally started the alarms... acknowledging our arrival, the big boss of Umbrella decided to release his zombies.

His zombies is nth like L4D man.. all walk so slow.. i shoot and laugh onlyyy. The boss was SOOOO angry that he release his Big AXe guy

When he arrive he swing his big fat axe against muh partner, owh s**t i forget to intro, her name is Claire :)

i dive towards her and hugged her while pushing her down and avoid the axe.. OMG! i hugged a chick!!! but i can't get a boner!!! goshhhh i think i'm turning gay. Just when the Axe man was about to swing his awe down towards us, someone shot him, and made it dropped. We r save!!!

I look towards the guy and he was Chris!! Claire's brother and damnn he was hot!

I finally know what a girl's "boner" feels like!!!!

Actually... i still don't

niways with the big axe man down, we headed towards the boss room to finish him and umbrella corp off.

He beg for us not to kill him.. so i decided not to kill him, but to throw him towards his own zombies to kill him :), that dat

Final steps to finish it off? Bomb the whole place into pieces!!

I hoped it was just all a dream, bcuz i need muh body back to enjoy chicks!

and YES! it was really a dream, i woke up and look at the mirror

OMG!!~~~~ I am STILL Alice!!!!! Nuffnang, u better gimme the tickets to watch Alice, or else i'm gonna cry, muh sacrifice so big ok??? Goshhh